To migrate an existing Virtual Machine to Copaco Hyper-V Cloud you can deliver us the VHDX file. We do not have other options to migrate / restore an existing external Virtual Machine. Important: We only support Windows Server 2008 or higher.

In the case you can not get the VHDX file, you can restore the VM on your own environment (desktop/server/laptop). 

After this you also know the migration time and you can check whether the restored server is working properly. The final step is to deliver the VHDX to us. You can ask us for a temporary FTP account (step 5 below).

Migration steps:

  1. Request for a temporary FTP account (free of charge)
    - Create a support ticket: 
    - Ask for a temporary FTP for upload the VHDX to your customer

  2. Upload the VHDX file

  3. Order Copaco Hyper-V Cloud (How to order Copaco Hyper-V Cloud)
    - Add resources (How to add resources to Copaco Hyper-V Cloud)
    - Create a vNet (How to create a virtual network (vNet))

  4. Create a VM (How to create a Virtual Machine)
    - Upgrade VM Resources to match your external VM (How to upgrade Virtual Machine resources)

  5. Notify 2tCloud support with information below:

    • Customer name:

    • Name of the newly created VM: 

    • Admin credentials used in the VHDX VM:

    • Additional support: We also need your approval to charge for additional support