This KB describes the steps for mounting an ISO to a VM


  • You must have free, unassigned Diskspace in your subscription in order to temporarly store the mounted ISO file. Make sure you have free space or mounting will fail.

  • At the moment only Microsoft Office ISO's are available. For other software in SPLA; please contact support.

  • You can buy SPLA licenses for your software using the 2tCloud Control panel. Licences are not activated automaticly after installation. Once you succesfully installed your software and bought SPLA licenses; please provide our support team with admin credentials to activate the software for you.


  1. Log in to the Azure Pack Portal

  2. Click on the VM on which you need to install software

  3. !The VM needs to be stopped before you can attach an ISO

    Click on ‘Stop’

  4. Confirm the stopping the VM

  5. You can now attach the ISO

    Click on  ‘Configure’

  6. Click on ‘Attach’

  7. Click on ‘DVD’

  8. Select the desired ISO

  9. Confirm the selection by clicking

  10. You will see the selected ISO in the list of devices

  11. Now start the VM again by going back to ‘Dashboard’ and clicking ‘START’

Now connect to your VM and install the software

After this you can detach the ISO on the ‘Configure’ screen of the VM

After installing the software, notify us so we can enter the license key