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NCE Azure: Additional information is required to process your request


When placing an order for an NCE Azure subscription you will have a couple of options to provision the subscription:

When you choose an invalid option, the ‘Technical contact' will receive an e-mail to provide additional- or modify information to correct this. The information will also be visible in the section ‘Azure NCE’/’Azure NCE Reserved instance' on the end-customer panel in 2tcloud.


  1. Correct or add the required information or perform the action as requested in the form provided by Microsoft by using one of the following options

    • Click the link in the e-mail that was sent to the 'Technical contact'

    • Click the link or the button ‘Open activation form' on the end-customer panel in section 'Azure NCE/Azure NCE Reserved Instance’

  2. Choose the correct option and provide the requested information

    • Specify a Microsoft Order Type: You have 3 options, make sure to choose the correct one.

      1. When a customer already has a Microsoft tenant, choose 'Register a new Microsoft Azure subscription in an existing Microsoft domain'

      2. When a customer does not yet have a Microsoft tenant or the Azure subscription needs to be provisioned in a new tenant, choose 'Register a new Microsoft Azure subscription with a new Microsoft domain'

      3. When the customer has a Microsoft tenant with Azure NCE subscription(s) choose ‘Import an Existing Azure subscription' and also provide the Azure subscription ID in the field 'Import an Existing Microsoft Azure Subscription'

    • Create an authentication user in Azure AD (if requested)

  3. When done filling in the form and or performing the requested actions, click 'Submit' and follow any additional steps accordingly

When the process is completed, wait for the subscription to be provisioned.

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