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No Search results in shared mailbox Outlook

No result when searching in a shared mailbox / All Mailboxes

When you have problem searching in a shared mailbox you could try on of the options below:


  1. Office Updates.
    Do you have the latest Office Updates? There was an issue with Outlook 16.0.8827.2062

  2. Check the Cache Period settings. Do you have set it to all or only a couple of months?

  3. Try without 'Download Shared Folders'

    • "Account Settings"

    • -> "Change"

    • -> "More Settings"

    • -> "Advanced" tab

    • UNtick the "Download shared folders" box

    • restart Outlook, are you able to see more results?

  4. This document gives you information about the Search Scope. When can you only search Current Folder, when can you search All Subfolders, when is the search done by Exchange, when is the search done by WDS:
    Note: The article also applies for the latest Outlook versions

  5. Auto Mapping: If it is added through auto mapping, by default you will only find results if you select "current folder". Try adding mailbox without Auto Mapping (manually).

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