The Nomadesk file sharing software has been sold through the Copaco Cloud Management platform since 2016. As of the 1st of May 2021, we retired the service for new sales as the software owner UnifiedPost stopped supporting the Nomadesk Commerce platform integration.

The UnifiedPost group has now decided that Nomadesk will be retired for existing customers over the next year depending on your contract duration. Existing subscriptions cannot be renewed anymore after the 1st of November 2023. We recommend that you finish migration to a new solution well before this date.

As an alternative solution, we can recommend Microsoft Onedrive for Business that is available through the Copaco Cloud Marketplace.

Exporting your data from Nomadesk

The easiest and preferred way will be to install the Nomadesk dashboard client and import your vaults. Once that sync is done, you can copy the files from your imported vault(s) to any other location you prefer.

If you don't have enough local disk space to import the vault(s) or simply prefer not to, you can access your files via the following alternatives:

Should you have any additional questions or run into any problems exporting your data, please contact our support team.