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Partner Earned Credit (PEC)


Many MSP’s unknowingly leave money behind that can be claimed and/or discounts that are applied based on their Microsoft status and activated roles/permissions. Copaco Cloud can provide an improvement plan that contains recommendations for our partners to properly set up their Azure platform and Microsoft Partner Center optimizing your business by maximizing on the many rebates and incentives.
For information please contact us via +314 (0) 2306 340 or send us an e-mail via


  • An active Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program agreement;

  • A valid role-based access control (RBAC) role;

  • Access permissions

Access permissions can be set in three ways:
- Admin on behalf of (AOBO). See Delegated admin privileges in Azure AD;
- Azure Lighthouse. See Cross-tenant management experiences;
- Individual user accounts and service principals. See Link your PartnerID to track your impact on delegated resources

Getting started

  1. Assign Azure roles using the Azure portal.

  2. Use ACM to view your PEC.


Below there is a list of frequently asked questions in regard to PEC.

Which Roles and permissions are required to receive Partner Earned Credit?

See for an updated list on require roles and permissions.

What Azure services are not eligible for PEC?

  • Azure plan reservations

  • Products identified as Third Party in the Tags column of the Azure plan consumption price list

  • Products in the Marketplace price list

  • Azure Spot Virtual Machines

  • Azure savings plans

Why don't I see PEC on the invoice?

PEC is not explicitly called out on the invoice. There is no separate line item to view PEC. However, PEC earnings are factored into the adjusted net charges amount on the invoice. View the calculation and How is PEC paid sections to learn more about where you can view PEC details.

What are the benefits of the Partner Earned Credit for partners and customers?

  • Customers can outsource their Azure infrastructure management and billing to their trusted partner, enabling them to focus on their core business.

  • Customers work with a partner who invests in managed services on Azure that help drive cost efficiencies and operational efficiencies involved in consuming Azure.

  • Partners are rewarded because they provide a robust managed services portfolio on Azure for their customers.

  • Intimate association and management of Customer's Azure projects will bring new opportunities to partner and help drive consumption growth.

Troubleshooting PEC


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