Plesk Outgoing Mail Relay

This guide will describe how you need to setup your web hosting Plesk to send outgoing email.

Prerequisites to this guide:

  • Webhosting Plesk can only be managed from UX1 for Customers. You should enable the new control panel experience before ordering the Plesk hosting module. To activate UX1 for Customer please follow guide "Switch between CCP v1 and UX1 for Customers"

  • Please follow guide How to order Webhosting Plesk to first purchase the product if you have not done so already.

  • Using Webhosting Plesk in combination with other mailservices like Office 365 or Hosted Exchange is currently not possible. A domain with Plesk Webhosting can only use the mail features from Plesk
    This limitation will be addressed in the next control panel release. 

  • In order to use webhosting plesk you will need a domain name on the same account that is not assigned to any other hosting product.

Webhosting Plesk needs to use a relay server to send outgoing email.
Use the following relay servers: (default port 25)

You can use for example the following: