Service providers and resellers may have their own management systems (accounting, billing, and so on) that must use the platform services and other cloud services integrated with the platform. This is possible by means of the REST-based API exposed by the platform. This document set helps resellers, and system integrators monitor and manage the platform services and applications integrated with the platform. It explains scenarios with step-by-step instructions on achieving typical management goals.

Organizational Structure

The business processes in the platform are based on the following organizational structure:

The owner of the platform is a service provider that arranges a multi-layer business model containing resellers, sub-resellers, and customers at various levels. Resellers are the provider partners. They get their profit by reselling those products that the service provider delegates to them. The reseller who creates a customer is the “sales vendor” or “product vendor” for that customer.


Each procedure in this document set contains the steps to reach a certain goal, for example, identifying products in the product catalog or creating a customer. The first document Getting Started contains advice on using the REST API. Get familiar with this technique before you follow the procedures explained in other documents.

The procedures are ordered in a typical sequence of operations as represented by the following workflow:

You can combine those operations into your own business scenarios. In the above diagram, select the procedure you want to get more details about.

To understand how to sell common services in more detail, follow the Sales Scenarios.