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Reports - Schedule reports

This article will describe how to configure a schedule for reports.

Create a schedule

  1. In the main menu go to Plannen Rapportages

  2. Click Nieuw Rapport Planning

  3. Type and name and click Ok

  4. Check the Actief checkbox

  5. Use the dropdown menu next to Frequentie to set the frequency of the schedule
    Dagelijks = Daily
    Wekelijks = Weekly
    Elke 2 weken = Every 2 weeks
    Maandelijks = Monthly
    Elke 2 maanden = Every 2 months
    Elk kwartaal = Each quarter / Every 3 months
    Elke 4 maanden = Every 5 months
    Elke 5 maanden = Every 5 months

  6. Leave the Verlengen met (Dagen) field empty

  7. Use the dropdown menu next to Volgende Datum to select the starting date for the report

  8. Leave the Rapporten en Queries fields empty

  9. Use the downdown menu under Geautomatiseerde Rapporten to select the reports you wish to be included in this schedule.

  10. Navigate to the E-mail tab

  11. Use the dropdown menu next to Mailinglijst to select a mailing list.
    Note: if there are no items in this list, you can create a list by going to the main menuLijsten

  12. Optional: Fill in the Tekst in email field to set a default text in the e-mail.

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