Please start office 365 troubleshooting by following this guide; Office 365 Order troubleshooting


If provisioning failed, and you need to resubmit your order, use the following steps.

Click on:

  1. Start in the reseller control panel:

    1. Go to 'Billing'

    2. Click on the customer name

    3. Click on tab 'Subscriptions'

    4. Click the subscription with the issue

    5. Click on tab 'Orders'

    6. Click on the order with the status 'Provisioning failed' (If there is no order with that status visible, you should filter on column 'Order Date' to view the newest order)

  2. Click the button 'Resubmit for Provisioning' (Never press the button Cancel Order. You will not be able to order this subscription afterwards!)

  3. The order starts provisioning again. Press refresh to check if the provisioning has finished.

  4. When the order status changed to Waiting for Payment or Completed, the provisioning has completed and the licenses are ready to use.

The issue has now been resolved. If it is not resolved in your case, please create a support ticket for trouble shooting this issue further and let support know you already tried this guide.