Speed dials can be used to create a shortcut for certain functions within Xelion. This article will describe the functions.

All the steps will be perfomed in BeheerServer instellingen en trunksSpeed Dial

  1. Click Speed Dial toevoegen

  2. Use the dropdown menu next to ID to select one of the preconfigured speed dials. See below for an overview of the different kinds of speed dials.

  3. Click Ok

  4. Check the Actief checkbox to activate the speedial

  5. Type in a number (some speed dials must start with ‘#' or '*’)

  6. Use the dropbox next to Hoofd aansluiting to select a callflow to apply this speed dial for

  7. Upload or record a voice message that has to be played once the speed dial is called
    Note: If you don’t record anything, Xelion will use the default text.

  8. (Optional) select an extra callflow in the Extra aansluitingen field

  9. (Optional) fill in the fields next to Eigenschappen. This is different for each type of speed dial

Speed dial types



Aansluiting doorschakelen


Activate or deactivate anonymous calling

Bepaal nummerweergave

Allows to change the outbound number.

This only will work if there are multiple numbers added to the Toegestane nummerweergave in the extra tab from the callflow.

The settings from the speed dial should be as following:
Naam = Bellerindex
Waarde = The Index number from the phone number in the extra tab
Object waarde = <empty>

Call pickup

Allows to pickup a phonecall in another callflow

Doorschakeling annuleren


Activate or deactivate call forwarding from a callflow

Doorverbinden naar lijn

Activate or deactivate Niet storen or Bij geen gehoor from a callflow

Exclusief hot desken

Exclusief hotdesking en twinnen


Activate or deactivate Bij geen gehoor from a callflow

Fallback naar lijn

Defines the callflow where Bij geen gehoor should forward the call to

Host desken

Connects a device to a callflow

Host desken en twinnen


Activate or deactivate a Keuzemenu

Keuzemenubericht inspreken

Allows to record a voice message for the Keuzemenu


Activate or deactivate Nachtstand

Niet storen

Activate or deactivate Niet storen

Nummer bij doorschakelen

Defines the number where the callflow should forward the call to

Start voicemail menu

Listen to all the voicemail from a callflow


Activate or deactivate the Voicemail from a callflow