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Veeam Support

Copaco Cloud Veeam offering
Copaco Cloud offers the Veeam offsite storage add-on option to store data on our offsite storage in our Datacenters (Amsterdam). This feature is called "Veeam Cloud Connect".

Veeam Cloud Connect is not a stand-alone backup product, but an add-on feature for offsite storage. You still need your own Veeam license, software and arrange support with Veeam directly.


Veeam Support and Information

You can find a lot of Veeam general information and common questions in the Veeam KnowledgeBase.

For Veeam support you can contact Veeam directly based on your own License & Support contract.  The Copaco Cloud team is not offering any support on the Veeam Product. If Veeam support employees need access to the Cloud storage or Cloud storage Logfiles for troubleshooting purposes you can create a support case with Copaco Cloud.

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