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What to do if a negative margin is shown on the invoice for my Azure plans?

In many cases this is due to the fact that the channel margin is not applied from Microsoft because the PEC is not allocated. You can simply solve this by following these steps:

In the Azure portal, sign in to your partner tenant and select Cost Management + Billing.

  1. Select Cost management.

  2. Select Cost analysis.The Cost analysis view displays the costs for your billing account for all the services

    purchased and consumed at the prices that you pay Microsoft. 

  3. In the pivot chart drop-down list, select PartnerEarnedCreditApplied.

  • If this value is True, the associated cost has the benefit of the partner earned credit.

  • If this value is False, the associated cost hasn't met the required eligibility for the credit, or the service purchased isn't eligible for partner earned credit.

Note: Typically, usage for services takes 8-24 hours to appear in Cost Management, and the PEC credits appear within 48 hours of time of access in Microsoft Cost Management.


You can also group by and filter by the PartnerEarnedCreditApplied property by using the Group by and Add filter features. These filters allow you to drill into costs that have PEC and the costs that have no PEC applied. 


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