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Xelion VoIP Telephony Solution

If you have purchased the VoIP Telephony Solution the Xelion PBX tab will be visible in the Customer Control Panel from the customer.

This tab will be in sync with the Xelion tenant. Any changes made here will be visible in the Xelion tenant.

Tenant Administration

Deactivate Tenant
you have the option to activate or deactivate your tenant. It's not recommended to make any changes to this setting as the tenant will stop working straight away. Only use this option when the customer wants to stop using the Xelion tenant.

Open Xelion Admin Portal
You can click this button to be directed to the correct URL to manage your Xelion tenant from. Please note you need Java installed in order to open the file on the webpage.

Operator Admin
Name of the Operator, this is Operator by default.

Generate New Password
Generates a new password for the Operator account.

Tenant Information

Displays some information about the tenant and licenses used.

SIP Trunk

In case you have multiple trunks you can see all the trunks that are created for this customer. Clicking the Sync Trunk With Xelion button will overwrite the current configured trunk. It's not recommended to do this unless adviced by one of our colleagues.

Telephone numbers

Shows a list of the phone numbers on the selected trunk in the previous step

Provisioning Firewall Configuration

Set IPv4 address to configure decentralized equipment automatically. This involves configuring telephones via provisioning files, that are configured to be connected to the Xelion server. The maximum amount of allowed IP addresses is 3.

Provisioning Firewall Information

Shows a list of IP addresses added in the previous step.

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