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Acronis portfolio

If you want to purchase Acronis services in the Copaco Cloud Marketplace, you have 2 choices.


  1. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers

  2. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

What is the difference?

The big difference is that one solution is for the MSP and supports multi-tenant and the other solution is aimed at end customers. We explain the differences below.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers is intended for the MSP. You order an Acronis service once for a minimum commitment per month. This service only contains 1 offering and can only be ordered once. Once the subscription is active, you can upgrade and downgrade to other commitments. This is a multi-tenant solution with one login. After you have logged in, you can manage Acronis completely from the Acronis dashboard.


How to Order Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for Service Providers you can find here.

What tiers are there?


Minimal Monthly Commitment

Tier 1

€ 250,-

Tier 2

€ 500,-

Tier 3

€ 1.000,-

Tier 4

€ 2.000,-

Tier 5

€ 4.000,-

Tier 6

€ 10.000,-

If you consume less than the minimum, you will receive an invoice for the minimum commitment amount. If you consume more, you will be billed for the actual consumption.

More info about this product (Dutch)

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a service intended for the end customer. You order Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud Per GB (where you are charged based on the number of GB you consume) or Backup for MS365. You must place an order for each end customer you want to use Acronis. This service is NOT MULTI-TENANT, each customer has their own login.


How to Order Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud you can find here.

How to order Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

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