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How to login


This video will show you how to reset your password for the first time, how to login and how to setup your Multi Factor Authentication.


  • Make sure you have received an invitation e-mail from Copaco with a reset password link.

 Getting Started

  1. Click on the first link in the first step to setup a new password for your user.

  2. Create a new password or use a password generator and click the Reset password button.

  3. Your password now has been changed.

  4. Click the second link in the e-mail to go to the login page.

  5. Click Cloud Platform Log in.

  6. Enter your username and password and click Continue.

  7. You now will have the option to setup your Multi Factor Authenticator. There are a few apps you can use:
    - Microsoft Authenticator
    - Auth0 Guardian
    - Google Authenticator
    - Authy

  8. Scan the code on your screen using your preferred Authenticator, enter the one-time code and click Continue. If you have trouble setting up the MFA, please refer to this article.

  9. You’re now logged in to the platform.

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