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Billing API (Invoices API)

The Copaco Cloud Support Center Portal is capable of providing you with your invoices in different formats. This feature is called “Billing API” and is part of the Support Center Profile page The Billing API enables your ERP system to request invoice details on demand from the Copaco Cloud Commerce Platform. These invoices are sent as structured data (you can choose between XML or JSON format).

 There are multiple different endpoints in the Billing API:

  • The invoices endpoint retrieves your purchase invoices for a specified period (Reseller Invoices).

  • The customerinvoices endpoint retrieves your sales invoices for a specified period (Customer Invoices).

  • The consolidatedinvoices endpoint retrieves your purchase invoices and attempts to match customer sales prices in the same element. This merged set of reseller costs and customer sales prices for a specified period are provided on a best-effort bases. You should not rely on this for invoicing/accounting purposes.

  • The subscriptiondetails endpoint allows you to get additional data about a specified subscription. It provides details about the underlying “service plan”, “plan period“ “resources”, “resource rate” and when available “resource rate period” information. This information can be used to understand how an invoice line item was generated and gives the ability to apply your own billing logic on top of what our cloud platform provides.

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